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Up All Night: A Bedtime Story

“A fun, inventive choice for children that may help them understand the consequences of staying up late.” – Kirkus Reviews

“Parents […] will gleefully share this tale with their lap readers, and newly independent readers will find the vocabulary approachable—and be able to laugh at the silly toddler.” – Kirkus Reviews

"Up All Night also has that lovely accessible layer of fun and humour as Babies Have All the Fun, when the child in the story is so tired he accidentally tries to write with a carrot on a blackboard, or eats the dog’s dinner for example. However, what I really loved about this particular story is that it serves to illustrate the importance of sleep for children in a way that they can relate to so easily. I can imagine parents using this story with a huge sigh of relief as part of the bedtime training for their own child.

- Linda's Book Bag https://lindasbookbag.com/ @Lindasbookbag

Babies Have All the Fun

"I felt quite sorry for Griffin in Babies Have All the Fun when baby brother Elwood receives all the adult attention. Sharing this book with young children where there are new siblings would be a fantastic, non-threatening way to deal with jealousy and to discuss different family roles. It might also serve as a reminder to parents that a new baby can leave existing children feeling vulnerable. There’s some lovely humour in the story too so that reading Babies Have All the Fun is a positive experience." - Linda's Book Bag https://lindasbookbag.com/ @Lindasbookbag

Up All Night: a bedtime story and Babies Have All the Fun

"[...] I have to comment on the wonderful illustrations in both these children’s books. There’s a brilliant fusion of naivety through the watercolours used and sophistication in the facial expressions that will appeal to adults and children alike. Nicolle N. Loza is a very talented artist. The pictures really give a vibrancy to the stories.

I think both stories are extremely well pitched to the age group. They are perfect for bedtime stories or for developing readers to read to themselves. [...] - Linda's Book Bag https://lindasbookbag.com/ @Lindasbookbag

Both Up All Night and Babies Have All the Fun are really lovely books for young children with very cleverly interwoven themes and beautifully illustrated. I really recommend them." - Linda's Book Bag https://lindasbookbag.com/ @Lindasbookbag