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About Us

What's In a name?

What is a Scholarly Hour, you say?  As a kid in the Bryant household, Scholarly Hour was the name for the one hour on Sunday afternoon where all family members were expected to either read, work on homework, do another approved educational activity, or take a nap.  In retrospect this was genius from my parents as it not only ensured the three kids got our work done or rested to avoid crankiness, but it also ensured that these were done at the same time - thus giving at least 1 hour a weekend where it was quiet around the house.  While I should have taken advantage of the nap option way more often than I did, this family focus on scholarly activity and reading had a lasting imprint.  Scholarly hour is definitely something that will be implemented in our house with my kids.

The Story

Scholarly Hour is an independent publishing imprint with a passion for sharing stories for kids and families.  A portion of all sales goes to donating books for kids.  We feel very fortunate to have had access to books growing up - including fond memories of trips to the "keeping library*".  We are grateful that we are also able to pass the joy of reading on to our kids - even if we may be running low on shelf space.  Using some of our sales to donate books is a small way to continue to pass on our love of reading and share with others!

The stories tell of the adventures of brothers Griffin and Elwood.  They are based on real life with kids - because honestly life with kids is a never ending font of story ideas in my opinion.  The books are meant to be fun to share with kids and families, hopefully leading to laughter and love of reading.  The colorful illustrations are the work of a fantastically talented student and bring the stories to life.  To be honest, I was giddy with excitement from the first time I saw her sketches!

Scholarly Hour presently has two stories currently available - Up All Night: A Bedtime Story and Babies Have All the Fun and more planned for the future!

*Refers to the library book sale; we did not steal books from the library

About the Author

Jen is blessed to be the mom fo two very active boys who make life an exciting adventure.  A proud Boilermaker, she graduated from Purdue University, as did her impossibly patient husband,Eric, withough whose support their new writing endeavor would not be possible.  Jen, Eric, and the boys enjoy swimming, golf, and purdue sports, but mostly just spending time with the family.